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    There are very few ways that can guarantee you levels up in the World of Warcraft. You can either play the game for weeks on end to ensure that you get to level 60, or you can use some of the guides to help you do the job in less than half the time. One of the best guides when it comes to the World of Warcraft is Dugi Ultimate World Warcraft Guides. These guides are designed to give you all the help you need in the game while ensuring that your character gains the maximum experience from every second of game play.

    The latest installment of the Dugi Ultimate World Warcraft Guides is fully updated for cataclysm. This guide also features 5 mega guides that will ensure that your character levels up from 80 to 85 in a few hours. The guides come in two modes, for Alliance leveling and Horde leveling, all of them aimed at the precise area of the game.

    The Dugi Ultimate World Warcraft Guides has been in the market since 2005 which makes them one of the earliest guides in the market. With the experience that the developers of the guide have gained since then, you can be sure that they will bring the best out of the game. Your character will benefit from their huge contribution. Simply select any character on any realm in the World of Warcraft and let the guide pick the quest that will ensure that your character gets on the right track to leveling up.

    The Dugi Ultimate World Warcraft Guides gives you the talents that you need to quickly power up any classes of characters in the game in the fastest and shortest time possible including dungeons; and which bosses are worth taking down. With the guide, you can be sure that all the time you spend on the game will be worth it and in as little as a week, you can have your character leveled up to heights that you never imagined.



    You can be sure that when you use the guide, your character levels up more quickly over a shorter time period. This is because the guide helps you concentrate on the missions that are destined to give you experience.


    There are no cons noted in this game guide. It lives up to its expectations of being the fastest leveling guide in the market.



    Customer Reviews:

    “Dugis Ultimate Guide is completely automated – Every quest you need to complete is tracked and updated for you without having to do anything. No need to click DONE when you’re…done. You don’t need to worry about keeping things in order, Dugis guide does it for you and lets you know what step you need to take care of next. It AUTOMATICALLY detects what class you are on and then delivers the appropriate quest route, very few guides have this feature built in, and few still have one this thorough.”

    - Wower

    “It’s an awesome guide and it helps you level really quickly. I’m not usually a fan of guides, but my husband has been using this one and it’s really good.”

    - Marteen


    Bottom Line:

    With the many leveling guides in the market today, it can be difficult believing the hype behind the Dugi Ultimate World Warcraft Guides. However, the guides do live up to their expectations and with it people have noted vast improvements in their character when it comes to leveling up.

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