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    There are various guides out there that promise you a leveling system that will put you through the fastest and most efficient techniques that will leave your character in the World of War Craft buffed in both experience and might. The Zygor Guide is among the few guides that meet this promise. Their in-game leveler is among the first guides that started when the World of War Craft was released and the MMORPG Zygor Guide is constantly updated to let you in on the latest strategies that will improve your character in the shortest time possible.

    The Zygor Guide is an efficient in-game leveling guide that is specifically designed to help you level your character in the shortest time possible in the World of Warcraft. The MMORPG guide is among the few guides that pioneered other guides in the market and with it you can expect to uncover a lot of goodies in the game.

    The guide has been developed by some of the leading game experts in the field and when you install the program, it gives you a very user-friendly interface that overlays over the actual game in a see-through structure which will allow you to play the game uninterrupted while also offering a guide as to the fastest route you can take to level up your character. This is what has made the Zygor Guide so popular with fans.

    The Zygor Guide uses innovative way-point directions to lead you through the fastest way you can level up your character. This guide has everything installed in it to make sure that you can concentrate on the game screen instead of going back and forth from your guide book. The guide also has an adjustable view mode that allows you to choose from a full screen to a minimalistic view according to your preferences.

    The interface that comes with the latest Zygor Guide consumes less space than in other previous installations and from it you can expect less intrusion on your gaming environment as well as a reduced burden on the memory requirement. This makes it one of the best World of Warcraft guides in the market today.



    The Zygor Guide comes with a new less intrusive user interface that is integrated with the screen of the game in a transparent sheath. This allows the player to go on with the game while still enjoying full guidance from the software.


    The only disadvantage of the Zygor Guide is that it is not updated as often as players would like.



    Customer Reviews:


    “I’ve been playing WoW for 4 years now, and I have tried quite a few guides. Zygor by far is the best leveling guide. The way it updates itself if you level faster than the guide blew my mind. I even messed with it and dual boxed two characters at once to get the triple experience, and the guide still kept up. I believe I will keep using this guide until I stop playing WoW, unless someone somehow makes a miracle leveling guide that can somehow top zygor, but there’s a slim chance of that happening.”

    - Larien, 22/5/2010

    “I have used Brian’s alliance guide and Janna’s Horde guide. Zygor’s is vastly superior and tons more convenient.

    I do miss a couple of features, however. Such as specific locations on the mini-map.

    I also strongly miss steps that indicate the direction of the next task. For example, if you need to kill x number of creatures, it would be nice if Zygor idicated the direction you should go to do them in a way that takes you to the next task. Also, some tasks can be done more simultaneously. Zygor doesn’t always help you to do that.

    I guess I’m talking small stuff, but things that make your questing more efficient, none-the-less.”

    - Bdenhalter, 29/5/2010


    Bottom Line:

    When it comes to game guides, few can match the Zygor Guide. This guide offers an in-depth assistance based on a way-point system that directs gamers on essential points of the game that will see to it that they level up quickly.  With this guide, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary game play and get straight into what is required to buff up your character.

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