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    Xelerated Guides help you learn how to minimize the leveling time you take when you play WoW in any of the classes from 1 to 85. The developers boast of their competence and have dubbed the book engineered to perfection. This is no kidding since the Xelerated Guides reveal the quickest questing way that a player can take so that he or she can get to level 85. Remember there are many routes you could take but in all of this you need knowledge and expertise. The game add on you get with Xelerated Guides help you decide on the quests you can take and places you can go so that you get a clear pointing arrow to guide you.

    Xelerated Guides are efficient in helping you be able to follow the fastest leveling path; they calculate the exp gained in an hour for one quest by dividing the exp given by the quest by the time taken to complete it. The guide will then create a path that entails only the selected best quests and tries to eliminate all the time consuming quests. You will be left with an easy step by step guide that allows you to level incredibly faster than you would probably do with another leveling guide.

    With Xelerated Guides all information you need is always displayed on the screen and you will have instructions for each quest. You should just follow all the directions given and level 85 should come faster than you can imagine. The guides will point you to where to take the quests and where you should turn them in not forgetting that you are also guided on when to complete them. Xelerated Guides also make a combination of all the quests that can be accomplished concurrently so that you do not waste time. This saves you the pain of running all over the map engaging in quests that could have been completed concurrently.

    Xelerated Guides work with an arrow that points you to where you need to go. The quests that you are supposed to take are listed in an in-game window. The guide not only detects which level you are in but also other quests that you have taken and guides on the right track right away. The combining of quests, like where you escort a guest and kill animals, which are on the way con-currently is also a time saving strategy that you can take instead of taking each quest separately.



    Most of all, you will like the Xelerated Guides because of the speed at which they allow you to level. It is so easy and you can play the game at ease with the directions being worthwhile and very reliable.


    Using the Xelerated Guides for new gamers is risky; it makes them very unknowledgeable on how the class works because all they do is level a character. They might even not know their roles.




    Customer Reviews

    Those who have used Xelerated Guides have the following to say.

    Ron says, “There are lots of positive things that I could comment on Xelerated Warcraft guide but I will just point out a few. First is that the product does not fail and really works for anyone who plays WoW. You also get your money back if it fails or if it is not the kind of product you expected. It is a great product, which is offered at an affordable price.”

    Another satisfied customer is Alice and she says, “I am one of those people who buy everything online. I recently heard about all the glamour about Xelerated Warcraft guides and decided to research about it. All the reviews I read were deemed to praise the product and on purchase I realized this was true. There is no scam and they do not leak your card information.”



    Bottom Line

    Xelerated Guides is a perfect tool, which enables the WoW player to level characters in a speedy way, it boasts of three days and 21 hours, which is far beyond any other guide. If you are feeling oppressed by leveling and you want to rush on to the end game experience then the Xelerated Guides would be your only option. They make your kind of game personal.

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