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    In many of the online games that people play, a strategy guide is one of the tools that come in handy even for professional players. The Shokz Guide is the ultimate helping hand or the reliable instructor in maneuvering Starcraft 2. It offers great bits of information and instructions on how to manage your diamond group so that you are the best. Shokz Guide is an online product and it enables you to have the updates on guides any time of the day.

    The Shokz Guide is a complete guide that is designed for use by a Starcraft player. It has all the information you need to master Terran, Protoss and Zerg. You can learn the strategies that will be useful to play the three styles of races and get to the #1 diamond rank. The guide reveals all the tricks that are used in the game, an aspect which you can use against your challengers. You will learn how to macro and micro like the diamond players and take over your diamond division.

    The Shokz Guide has a beginner guide, which is very useful to new players who would like to start and go through the levels very fast. You will have a mission guide and some other crucial guides that include hot keys, scouting and map control. There is no doubt that the Shokz Guide will have improved your skill greatly by the time you are two weeks using it. It is helpful to both the professional players and the beginners. If you are a beginner, you will be in a position to develop your tactics very fast while a professional player has the benefit of getting new information and strategies. It is a guide which has information for all level players and it benefits every one.

    The Shokz Guide has a nice website, which is easy to work with. Everything is arranged well and being a membership site, it has everything separated into sections. Maybe the only shortcoming of the guide is the grammatical errors which are in the process of being corrected. The developers of the Shokz Guide are also real players of Starcraft 2 and so they always update the guide when there are new strategies. There is no excuse for not buying the guide for everyone who plays the game and loves it.



    The Shokz Guide is an online product and you can therefore use it at any time of the day. You pay once for the membership and there is a full money back guarantee if you do not like it.


    Actually the downside of the Shokz Guide is that you are not able to learn very creative strategies as seen on YouTube from a pros replay. It also fails to elaborate how you can develop a killer instinct for prowess in the game.




    Customer Reviews

    The customers who were satisfied with using the guide had the following to say;


    “I did not know what I was to get with purchase of the guide, the quality is superb and the videos in the strategies help.” Brian: Platinum League

    “I have been utilizing the Terran build orders with some other few strategies. I have got to #1 in diamond thanks to Shokz Guide.” Alex: Silver League



    Bottom Line

    The Shokz Guide is superb and is good for use by both professional players and novices; you will have the chance to upgrade the kind of game you play in two weeks. You also get updates and news daily.

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